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Winning at Moving a Professional Sports Team to a New Facility

May 25, 2022

Location: Chandler
Type: Box Office/Locker Rooms/Stadium Suites
Size: 10,304 Sq Ft
Sale or Lease?: Purchase
Year Completed: 2021
Client: Professional Sports Team

When a local professional sports organization needed to move facilities in a short amount of time, the planned and executed alternative building solution quickly became an exciting addition to Adaptive Shelter’s portfolio of satisfied clients. The scope of this project included relocating the existing stadium and luxury suites. Additionally, new visitors’ locker rooms and administration/box offices had to be constructed. 


As mentioned, the time restraint caused a bit of a hurdle for the team involved. But to add an extra layer of strategy required, the relocation and buildout needed to be completed between athletic seasons. This meant the deadline was to be ready to open for the start of the season, which was just 130 days from the contract execution. Then, of course, the budget to be followed was specifically outlined and could not be strayed from in order for the project to be deemed a success.  


In the end, Adaptive Shelters was able to assist the professional sports organization in coordinating their move, assisted with obtaining local permits in time, and performed the installation flawlessly. The solution was creatively utilizing modular construction to stay on budget and meet the deadline of delivering the design and buildout in time for the season to start back up. Masterfully, Adaptive Shelters had created the proper team to perform any and all of the scope related to the modular building structures needed.  


Today, the professional sports organization stands proudly with its refreshed, relocated stadium, locker rooms, and box office. Patrons were able to attend the games with no downtime between seasons, meaning no halt in revenue, and the community will enjoy the new and improved sports venue for years to come.     

“I could not have completed this project without the personalized expertise and support from the team at Adaptive Shelters. Their coordination of our luxury box relocation, buildout of our new locker room, and operations office were incredible because they created custom solutions that fit our budget and needs! They came highly recommended to assist with several challenges that our organization required in order for us to operate seamlessly on a day-to-day basis,” said Annie M., Club Operations Manager of a professional sports organization in Phoenix.