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The Next Frontier in Affordable Housing

Mar 15, 2019

Making Good on Promises


Modular housing is taking off in the US in an exceptional way. The New York Department of Housing Preservation and Development is set to develop 167 affordable apartment homes using permanent modular building solutions this year. The plan to use modular homes is being touted as the “next frontier” in building technology that will allow development to be completed faster, with better quality, and at a lower cost while still providing an attractive and desirable space to live. The story reported by Real Estate Weekly says that the permanent modular building apartment complex will provide a community space, public plaza, a new medical clinic, and support services for homeless New Yorkers. It’s so amazing that they are able to serve the local community in a meaningful and long-lasting way like this. The article expands on the planned and promised community services, stating that programming in the community space will focus on serving immigrants, women and low-income community members. So much good is stemming from the ease of implementation and cost savings of permanent modular buildings.


People in Need


It seems like newer housing developments are more often than not created and marketed as “luxury” living spaces to attract well-off customers, charge exorbitant rental rates, and push everyone else out. Middle, lower, and very-low income renters have had to resort to living with multiple people, endure poor quality housing, move further and further away from city centers and even leave large metros areas altogether. With permanent modular housing, the underserved populations in our country can attain modern, upscale-looking, safe, respectable and affordable homes. Adapter Shelters understands the strain that housing costs can cause, and has answers that hit all the marks of success via their tried and true permanent modular buildings and container home solutions.


American-Made and Developed

Often times, we hear about large construction bids going to foreign firms or large companies that far removed from the site and people involved. So another bright spot on the article about the East New York permanent modular building development is that the contract went to a local developer of modular homes. Having a development team that understands the specific and local needs of an area greatly improves outcomes. Adaptive Shelters services the western part of the United States with American-made products. We have offices and manufacturing factories in 11 of the states we serve in the west. This allows Adaptive Shelters to provide the permanent modular building solutions that best suit our customers unique needs and wishes. Requirements for a permanent modular building in blustery Wyoming is quite certainly different than what might be required in the Arizona desert.