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New Homeless Shelters and Affordable Housing Options for 2019: Engineered with Cost, Time, Durability and Security as a Priority.

Jan 15, 2019

Adaptive Shelters is more than a premier container house company, it’s unique and direct approach helps facilitate a growing demand for affordable housing and ready-built portable homeless shelters.

If you live near Los Angeles you might be familiar with “Skid Row,” a place where homeless individuals and families have permanently called home in makeshift structures and camping tents.

Many cities are proactively finding solutions in building homeless shelter communities or homeless housing projects to help people get back on their feet and live productive lives.

With sizes ranging from 8×20’ to 8×45’ and 16×20’ or 16×40,’ we can accommodate a range of dwellings. From single person dwellings to multi bedroom family container houses, our prefabricated homes are quickly delivered. When time is important and you need to stay on budget, modular, container homes are an excellent solution for affordable housing in 2019.

Affordable Housing for the City and State
Timelines are important in any municipal project, however, when it comes to creating homeless shelter communities and projects, there is the extra pressure of wanting to get the homeless in dwellings, both for their safety and security and due to demand from residents and business owners to relocate the them.

Steel container homes are a popular solution for homeless housing projects because they meet the timeline, cost and even curb appeal desired. In spite of their Terminator-like steel frame and rigid exterior, container homes have the same features as your average home: walls, insulation, doors, heating, air conditioning, plumbing and a stove.

Why Offer Affordable Housing?
Affordable housing allows for people with income to have a place to live. Often times, money is not enough. The income generated may still not be enough to cover rent. Affordable housing options allow hardworking people to have a place to call home and reduces homelessness. 


Homeless Shelters
While one may think this is the ultimate handout, the fact is, homeless shelters do come at a price for their residents. Residents are provided housing so long as they are willing to hold jobs and be productive. Homeless shelters are excellent solutions for rehabilitating people and giving them proper housing.

Container Homes to Last a Lifetime
Constructed from the same shipping containers trusted to travel around the world without theft or failure at sea, homeless shelters made from container homes are outfitted to last a lifetime and accommodated today’s standards of living.

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