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Modular Home: The Brilliance of Container Houses

Dec 20, 2018

Container houses are a popular and innovative design solution for home building. Container houses have paved the way for some of the most elegant and beautiful structures in home design in recent years. Gracing magazine covers such as Architectural Digest, container houses are brilliant from both a design and structural perspective.

Container house: The following are some key features

Container House

    1. Durability:  Steel buildings can withstand extreme weather conditions such as lightning, strong winds and heavy snow. Steel does not deteriorate easily and lasts for decades. A container house is also naturally fire resistant.
    2. Ease of maintenance: Modular container houses are far easier to maintain, there are no roof shingles to replace and a simple wash is all it takes to clean them. There are no known insects that can eat through steel, so you need not worry of termite infestation or critters getting through the frame.
    3. Built Quickly: Steel buildings are made with few materials. They are easy to put together and offer excellent build time.
    4. Customization: Much like a game of tetris®, there are limitless ways to situate container modules and create truly innovative home design. Like traditional houses, there are endless possibilities of features and add-ons such as windows, stairs, angled walls, multi-level, indoor and outdoor stair casing, solar, off-grid, etc.
    5. Affordability: Steel is an inexpensive building material compared to concrete, lumber and brick. You can forgo a traditional 30 year mortgage with a modular container house and still have a jaw-dropping residence. A container house also requires less property tax because a steel structure is seen as less valuable than other structures. When in need of a repair, steel sheet metal is much less costly than other materials.
    6. Eco-Friendly and sustainable: Many modular container houses are made of recycled shipping containers.

In a time where every consideration matters, container houses prove to be an excellent choice for modular home building. Where one may sacrifice quality for money saving, time for proper construction, or sustainability for durability, container houses offer a solution without the need for compromise.  

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