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mobile office leasing

Adaptive Shelters offers a wide range of residential modular building solutions from multi-dwelling unit applications to single family modular homes. Our experts will work with you to find the right modular design to meet your needs.

Multi-dwelling units, commonly referred to as “MDUs,” provide an economical option for large scale housing developments. By using modular construction techniques, apartment complexes, employee housing, barracks and even student dormitories can be ready to occupy as much as 40% faster than comparable site-built structures. This creates a revenue stream much sooner, and therefore a quicker return on the investment. Modular also provides an opportunity for relatively low lease rates for occupants in urban housing projects that qualify for government assistance.

Single family modular homes are also able to provide a much faster time to occupancy as well as a significant cost savings over stick-built homes. Adaptive Shelters offers a wide range of options for the development of subdivisions and neighborhoods comprised of unique single-family modular homes.

As modular construction has progressed, it has also become an alternative for hotel construction. Individual modular units are easily designed to meet your specifications and can then be combined into a multiple story complex to meet the aesthetic and quality requirements of the demanding hospitality industry.

Whether you need living space for a single family or accommodations for thousands, Adaptive Shelters can work with you to provide a modular dwelling solution to meet your needs.

  • Single-family modular homes
  • Multi-family apartment structures
  • Employee housing
  • Workforce housing
  • Motel/hotel



Commercial and retail developments are always pushing the design boundaries. Adaptive Shelters’ experience in working with housing developers, car dealerships, lending institutions and the quick serve restaurant sectors in the southwest is extensive. When launching a new commercial or retail development, it is important to have adequate work-space that is not only efficient, but also appealing for your customers.

New housing development projects are usually started with a few model homes built on spec along with a sales office that showcases the ambiance of the new neighborhood. A modular sales office offers a welcoming environment for prospective homeowners to review features and consider financing options.

Auto showrooms need remodeling from time to time. However, car dealers cannot risk to have their sales cycle interrupted. Therefore, a mobile sales office can be the perfect solution.

While new home development projects and the auto industry are prominent retail applications for custom modular and mobile office space, Adaptive Shelters provides office containers and modular buildings specifically designed as restaurants, banks, day care facilities, box offices or other service-based businesses:

  • Permanent office space
  • Quick serve restaurants
  • Drive-up banking facilities
  • Temporary office space during renovations


emergency shelters
emergency shelters
emergency shelters
emergency shelters

Adaptive Shelters consultants are experts in classroom building codes. Whether you need a DSA classroom in Southern California or an entire modular school complex in Arizona, we have the knowledge and experience you need. Portable classrooms, temporary office buildings, restroom accommodations, and even custom broadcast booths for stadiums are all excellent examples where a modular building provides the perfect solution.

We work with you and your staff to build permanent or temporary classrooms or other facilities so you can continually provide uninterrupted educational services to your community.

  • Temporary classroom space during school renovation projects
  • Office space during renovations
  • Additional classrooms for increased enrollment
  • Portable classrooms for outreach programs
  • Containers and modular buildings can easily coordinate with the aesthetics of existing structures


mobile office leasing

We work with owners, contractors and sub-contractors to provide factory-built modular buildings to meet any construction site office space needs. We have your mobile, modular or container office space for any of the following:

  • On-Site Meetings: Our structures provide spacious and professionally designed office space
  • Portable Office Containers: Take it wherever your next construction project takes you
  • Restroom Accommodation Units: A modular solution to provide facilities when and where you need them
  • Portable Cafeteria Space: An efficient space for workers to take meals during the busy work day – either wide open for flexibility or with included food preparation areas.

Our modular building and repurposed, modified containers are designed to fulfill numerous construction office space needs! We offer cost-effective solutions that give you the option to lease or purchase!


employee housing

We work with industries of all types in providing them with modular units for their various needs. Whether you need office space, modified storage space, guard shacks, or in-plant offices, our Adaptive Shelters can be designed to fulfill virtually any industrial need.

From employee housing at an oil field or mine site, a factory supervisor’s office ,or modified container offices to meet your specs, our consulting services and modular products fill a broad range of industrial applications:

  • Temporary or permanent storage space for your equipment and materials
  • Custom modular guard shacks for security at key access points
  • Flexible space solutions for both light and heavy industry
  • Relocatable office containers that can be moved with a forklift
  • Blast resistant workspace and storage
  • Modified shipping containers for portable laboratory facilities

Let our consultants work with you to help solve your temporary or permanent space needs.



We offer cost-effective and high quality factory-built modular buildings to government institutions. Our modular buildings ensure that we are able to provide local, state and federal governments with the needed equipment for emergency response.

Our container offices and mobile structures offer numerous benefits for the government sector:

  • Mobile field offices
  • Temporary emergency shelters, clinics or headquarters
  • Temporary office space for law enforcement and security agencies
  • Shelters during natural disasters
  • Bullet-proof, portable security booths

Adaptive Shelters also offers temporary and permanent modular buildings for government office space. While standard modular offices provide relocatable space during renovations of existing facilities, custom modular buildings make a great option for new office space developments.

Our dedication to quality and timely delivery ensures a smooth and hassle-free experience!