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Keeping up with Class Sizes in 2019

Feb 18, 2019

Keeping up with Class Sizes

Modular (or portable) classrooms have been around for over 75 years and come in a variety of configurations, layouts, and locations around school grounds. In a countywide survey of San Diego, found that nearly one in five classrooms in 35 school districts were portable. Nationwide numbers are close to half a million modular classrooms; evidence that their popularity as a fast and cost effective alternative to new school building construction continues on into present day. The most frequent criticism of modular or portable classrooms that they are cheaply constructed, have trouble with temperature control due to thin walls, or have been prone to moisture and mold. It’s no surprise that poor craftsmanship and maintenance leads to a poor perception. Adaptive Shelters comes to the table with a proven track record of rapid, high quality production, successfully meeting our project completion dates, and stellar customer satisfaction.


Safe Environment for Learning

It’s an unfortunate fact that public schools are often underfunded and can’t fully meet the needs and requests of their staff and students. Adaptive Shelters doesn’t believe a child’s education or health should be impacted by an institution’s fiscal constraints. Our modular classrooms provide durable, high-quality and cost-effective space solutions that will last for decades.  We offer modular units in 1792 sq ft and 1876 sq ft sizes that offer two 857 sq ft and 818 sq ft classrooms, respectively. The exterior and interior decor and finishings can be matched to that of the school so that students do not feel isolated or different from the rest of their schoolmates.


American Quality

Adaptive Shelters has offices and manufacturing locations in 11 states in the Southwest and west coast of the United States. We pride ourselves on using high-quality products made in America and providing expertise in state and local business codes. Where possible, we use green, eco-friendly and recyclable materials to reduce waste and carbon footprints. Our streamlined construction schedule can get a modular classroom project designed, engineered, installed and ready for use within six months. Weather delays or site preparation are not a concern as the modular components are constructed at the manufacturing plant and assembled on-site. This results in up to 40% savings on time compared to site-built projects and  up to 30% on costs. Adaptive Shelters ensures that our modular classrooms do not require schools to sacrifice student comfort or safety for a high quality classroom environment.