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Elevating Experiences With On-Site Resort Employee Housing 

May 27, 2022

Location: Remote Phoenix
Type: Container Homes & Storage
Size: 2,920 Sq Ft
Purchase or Lease?: Purchase
Year Completed: 2019
Client: Luxury Destination Resort

At a well-loved luxury destination resort just outside of Phoenix city limits, a property owner had a vision to both improve the client experience and create an invaluable convenience for the employees. Since he knew too many of his employees were having to commute upwards of 75 miles to work each day, the local resort owner wanted to help by providing on-site housing. Adaptive Shelters was called upon by way of a recommendation and went on to create the first of its kind building solution in the State of Arizona.  


Because of this unique situation, the designing and manufacturing of the container homes to be installed had some unprecedented considerations. Specifically, the alternative building partner had to “blaze a trail” in design features, manufacturing elements, and navigating government approvals. This included the lengthy process of obtaining Arizona Department of Housing (ADOH) approvals, especially because it was the first at the state level. Then, the major concern to successfully supply the opportunity for employees to live on-site was determining how to minimize the amount of construction services being performed at the site.  


To address that final challenge, Adaptive Shelters strategically planned to construct the container homes in a factory setting and ship there as a “plug and play” concept, rather than on-site by the resort that would disturb operations. By building off-site, it also minimized the need for frequent local inspections and approvals so the project could be carried out more smoothly. The destination resort owner was able to accomplish his goal of offering housing for employees, and in turn, build up customer service levels as access to assisting guests was increased.      


Needless to say, employee satisfaction rose, especially when the long commute factor was removed from the equation. Moreover, the homes provided on-site accommodations for personnel with work visas that might otherwise have difficulties in securing a residence. The “Container Village” outcome created a cohesive community with convenience, while remaining aesthetically a home they could all be proud in which to live. It was a win-win situation and a unique way to boost employee morale that has been covered in local Arizona news outlets. In 2022, Adaptive Shelters began its third phase of building employee housing for the client.  

“I was referred to Adaptive Shelters by a mutual friend because I had a vision to provide a unique housing solution to offer my employees at my remote luxury resort. We were the first resort in the State of Arizona to utilize shipping containers in this way. This housing solution has been well-accepted amongst our staff. We are now in our third phase, providing more employee housing on-site to improve the guest experience at our resort. Adaptive Shelters continues to perform and exceed our expectations!” said the owner and developer of the luxury resort.