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Feb 18, 2019

The public’s image of a homeless shelter is not usually a pleasant one, and with good cause. They are often located in older, over-crowded ramshackled buildings in poor condition and poorly equipped. For this and many other reasons, homeless folks often prefer to try their luck on the street. And this isn’t always the fault of the homeless shelters. With ever-larger populations of homeless people in large urban areas, the demand for shelters are overburdening existing resources and forcing cities to act quickly or face a humanitarian crisis. Adaptive Shelters is out to change the perception of what a homeless shelter, or rather, what a community of people working towards a better life can be. Modular, affordable, modern housing solutions is the cornerstone of Adaptive Shelter’s business model. We offer the ultimate in efficiency via cost savings, rapid planning to completion time, and durability of our home units.


A Sad Statistic

According to, the overall number of people experiencing homelessness increased nationally between 2016 and 2017. The largest homelessness increases in that time range were amongst unaccompanied children and young adults. This is a very alarming and concerning statistic. These groups are highly at risk in such conditions and so it becomes ever more important to provide the protection of a homeless shelter and/or affordable housing. Modular and container homeless shelters offer the comforts of an apartment home, the convenience of being portable and stackable, and demonstrable cost effectiveness that make them an easy and sustainable win for developers and cities.


Industrial, yet Comfortable

Stacked storage containers may not quite elicit immediate feelings of comfortable dwellings, but these ones certainly will surprise anyone with reservations about them. Storage containers have long been used by everyday people for home storage, and yes, often to live in. Trust us, we’ve seen the hip AirBnB listings. We took the efficiency, portability, and modularity of the well-know storage container and transformed them in customizable, dignified, and effective housing solutions. Adaptive Shelters’ offerings prove that homeless shelters need not be a perceived stain on a community, but a respectable and inviting way for people to seek assistance and get back on their feet.