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Affordable Housing Developments Made Profitable

Mar 7, 2019

Affordable Housing Developments Made Profitable

The Housing Struggle

The supply of affordable housing in the United States has seen a dramatic downturn over the past several years. According to a 2017 report by Freddie Mac, the number of apartments flagged as affordable for very low-income families fell by more than 60 percent nationwide between 2010 and 2016. Luckily, some local governments have been stepping up with legislation to combat the issue. For example, in 2017, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors made big changes to the city’s affordable housing requirements. The rules increased the percentage of required affordable housing on new developments with 25 housing units or more or required those same developers to build affordable units at another location with a third of those units being affordable, or pay a fee equivalent to the cost of a third of the units, which would then be used to also fund affordable housing.  Although city governments are starting to intervene, affordable housing continues to be a hot topic issue in many metropolitan areas that are experiencing booming populations and astronomical rents. Adaptive Shelters believes that modern problems need modern, effective solutions. Modular homes and container homes are some of the options we provide to encourage the development of high-quality, sustainable, and cost effective housing for low-income families and individuals.

Looks Like Home

Adaptive Shelters is out to prove that low income or affordable housing doesn’t equate to low return on investment for developers. Multi-dwelling modular or container units provide an economical option for large scale housing developments. By using off-site modular construction techniques or container homes, apartment complexes can be ready to rent as much as 40% faster than comparable site-built structures. This generates revenue much sooner, and thus, a faster return on the investment. Durable and sustainable construction ensures a safe and easy to maintain community. Adaptive Shelters starts with storage containers or modular components and transforms them into stylish, industrial domiciles that anyone would be proud to call home. We work closely with site developers and designers to ensure that the housing community’s vision is fulfilled to completion on schedule. That an apartment is affordable should not ever mean that it is cheaply constructed or undesirable.